Most truckers know what a commercial fuel stop looks like. Some commercial truck stops offer one side for regular passenger vehicles and one side for commercial trucks and other larger vehicles, such as RVs.

You’ll find fueling stops that cater only to one or the other - most drivers of large commercial vehicles prefer to avoid passenger vehicles at their fueling stops. The aim of most businesses is to get fueled and get the driver back on the road to deliver or pick up whatever is needed to get the job done.

Since commercial trucks are not known for the best fuel mileage, picking a facility that uses top-of-the-line fuel, plus choosing to maintain your truck correctly can help you get better mileage - and keep your truck out of the repair shop. Doing this means using the best lubricants and diesel additives, as well as the best fuel.

Choosing Fuel Wisely

As almost anyone who fuels up regularly has come to find out, sourcing your fuel at a place that you’ve never used before can lead to issues. After all, we can’t know where everybody is getting their fuel from and, as in any business, there are shady operators out there. Finding a fuel source that you trust is paramount when getting on the road - and staying there - is your livelihood. 

At Bear Oil Company, we’ve been in business since the 1930s. You achieve that kind of longevity by producing stellar products that people can trust. It’s our mission to be your partner on the road and we can only do that by diving deep into what a superior product is and where it comes from. Your job is to drive the vehicle and make those decisions. Our job as your partner is to make sure we know and trust the source of our products.

We offer safe and high-functioning diesel and gasoline products all over the U.S. In San Antonio, you have access to over 300 metro area locations and Bear Oil Company’s two corporate-owned facilities. We also have a nationwide network of fueling sites that we back through our partnership with Commercial Fueling Network (CFN). CFN offers a vast network of fueling locations with names you know and trust. It’s easy to find a fueling station when you need one. You can use the CFN app to find stations and the CFN fleet card to help manage fueling transactions.

Bear Oil Fuel Fleet Card

CFN Fleet Card

When driving - or managing those who drive for you - is your job, you should be looking for all the tools that can help make your job smoother and less prone to problems. At Bear Oil Company, we chose to partner with CFN for several reasons, including:

Your CFN fleet card is plugged into a system that allows you to make important decisions about driver and road management. With information at your fingertips in customized formats, utilizing this technology takes your operation into better optimization, increased efficiency and better productivity.

CFN fleet cards give you and your drivers access to trusted fuel sources almost everywhere you travel. In the end, being able to find and purchase good fuel is the key to boosting uptime and decreasing downtime.

Talking About Fluids

Picking the best fueling options is important to efficient and speedy roadwork, but we also know that using the correct diesel additives and lubricants goes a long way to avoiding expensive and time-sinking repairs. At Bear Oil Company, we’ve partnered with Power Service diesel fuel additives because, like us, they’ve stood the test of time and they’ve earned the trust of diesel engine royalty - Cummins®.

Choosing the best additive provides the best experience when it’s time to take care of your diesel engine fleet. With Power Service diesel fuel additives, you’ll be adding years of life to your diesel engine by keeping the fuel tank clean. Power Service diesel additives can also improve your performance in harsh weather, while giving you better fuel economy. 

In addition to choosing a diesel engine additive, you’ll want to make sure things are running smoothly with the proper lubricants. All engines need oil and other lubricants to operate correctly. At Bear Oil Company, we have a large selection of bulk and packaged lubricants. And don’t forget, you can come and pick up or we will deliver in certain areas a wide variety of products, including gasoline, diesel, aviation, hydraulics, industrial and compressor oils, transmission and hydraulic fluids, corrosion preventatives and DEF.

The Bear Oil Company Difference

At Bear Oil Company, we want to be your partner on the road. With many decades of experience behind us - and plans for many more ahead - we’re pretty sure we’ve got this business figured out. You can take advantage of our years of experience and knowledge to make your operations smoother and easier. Our professional staff is here to help you not only make the most of what you have but learn new ways to upgrade your application and leverage the best of what’s out there - including fueling options. We spend our time finding ways to become the best partner you could have when it comes to your specific application. Contact us today to find out more.