The FleetWide Card Let’s You Gas Up Anywhere

Bear Oil Company offers you the ultimate in convenience with the CFN FleetWide card. With the CFN FleetWide card, your drivers can gas up just about anywhere, while you control who is using your card, when and for how much. You set the limits and control the access, plus you’ll receive detailed invoices for upper-tier management goals. This fueling program provides 24 hour a day, 365 days a year service with a network of over 57,000 stations nationwide.

The card can be used at any Bear Oil Company, CFN, Fuelman, Pilot, Flying J, Speedway, Sinclair, Love’s, Chevron or Texaco location. That means your company team can carry just one file card for all their fueling needs. And fleet management will receive the convenience of just one detailed invoice to better manage fuel purchases. 

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Customize Your Convenience

In addition to the convenience and centralization of information, the CFN FleetWide card lets you customize the data by individual drivers or the entire fleet. Whether you need to control fueling times, gallon limits or product controls, the program can be customized to meet your company’s needs. Control options include:

  • Number of Transactions Per Day
  • Limit by Gallon
  • Day of Week and Time of Day Controls 
  • Strict Product Purchase Controls 
  • Driver Identification Number 

Technology Based Fuel Management

Now you can manage your CFN FleetWide Account online 24/7 at your convenience. Just log on and take care your business with ease and convenience. Fuel management has never been so easy:

  • Manage Your Account
  • Update Fueling Profiles & Permissions
  • Track Account & Card Information
  • View Transactions & Authorizations
  • Activate & Deactivate Cards
  • Download Fuel Transactions

Customize Your Customer Service

Bear Oil Company and our extended network of CFN representatives can help you with your file management needs. Whether you need help with account profiles, issuing cards or mapping file stops, you can count on us. Contact Customer Service today at (210) 494-3479 to help customize your needs.

It All Adds Up

With Bear Oil Company and our network of affiliates you get the best of both wolds. We offer local customer service and understanding of your business fueling goals with the convenience of a nationwide network. The benefits just add up!

2,000+ Bear Oil Company & Independents
57,000+ Fuelman Sites
2,500 CFN Locations

Contact Bear Oil Company today to see how our FleetWide Everywhere card can benefit your company!

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