Peak Your Diesel Engine Performance With Additives

No matter the size of your vehicle or construction equipment fleet, you can increase the fuel effectiveness of your engine by using a diesel fuel additive. At Bear Oil Company, we carry Power Service diesel fuel additives, trusted by Cummins®, designed to increase your diesel engine’s life, promote proper tank hygiene, maximize fuel economy and improve operations in extreme weather.  

Now you can reduce emissions and increase horsepower by using the correct additive. Water and internal diesel injector deposits are prevented, allowing the injector to perform properly. Studies have shown that using diesel fuel additives can increase gas milage as much as 8%. 

Diesel fuel additives also provide all-season usability. Power Service diesel additives provide year-round diesel engine performance improvement, trouble-free extreme weather operability and proper fuel tank hygiene.  At Bear Oil Company, we carry Power Service diesel fuel additives designed to increase your diesel engine’s life and help you get the best performance.  

Bear Oil Company’s use of Power Service diesel additives help maximize power and fuel economy, provide additional engine lubrication, prevent and clean up dirty or plugged injectors. There are additives available to remove water and slime, as well as keep stored fuel stable and fresh.

About Power Service Diesel Fuel Additive

Why do we recommend Power Service products? Because if Cummins® trusts Power Service additives you should too. Cummins® highly recommends Power Service diesel additives to vastly improve your diesel engine. Add us to your toolbox!

Plus, Power Service has been serving the needs of the diesel industry for 60 years – they’ve got the kind of experience we can relate to at  Bear Oil Company, where we’ve been in business since the 1930s. There are many things to take into consideration when deciding what fuel additives to use and when.

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Benefits of Fuel Additives

  • Better Fuel Mileage
  • Cleaner injectors
  • Keeps injectors from sticking
  • Smoother running engine
  • Better engine power
  • Helps protect fuel pumps and injectors from poor quality diesel fuel

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increase fuel economy and maximize engine performance

Maximize Diesel Engine Performance and Increase Fuel Economy

reduce downtime due to fuel gelling and filter icing

Reduce Downtime Due To Fuel Gelling and Filter Icing

improve tank hygiene, eliminate water, microbes and contaminates

Improve Tank Hygiene by Eliminating Water, Microbes and Contaminates

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