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4 Benefits of Jobsite Fueling


What if you were costing your company extra money every day and you didn’t even know it?

That’s what happens when you don’t take all the necessary and available steps to keep your company competitive. When we talk about taking advantage of short-cuts to benefit the bottom line, we aren’t talking about shoddy work or substandard materials. We are talking about making positive choices, like jobsite fueling, that result in monetary and budgetary savings. There are several ways jobsite fueling can have a positive impact on your bottom line; some are more obvious than others. One of the most important ways job site fueling can have an impact on your day-to-day business is sourcing your fuel from a well-known and reliable partner. Let’s take a look at 4 ways jobsite fueling can give your company a competitive edge.

1. Save Money and Time 

One proven way to save time and money is jobsite fueling. Not only will you be getting fuel from a trusted source, but your workers also won’t be leaving the jobsite for two hours with the excuse, “Gotta go get some fuel, boss.” And one good thing about a well-oiled (pun intended) fuel delivery service is a regular delivery of fuel so you never run out while the job is cooking along.

Let’s say you’ve got a big job underway. You’ve got an amazing number of employees and subcontractors working on the site every day. One way you can save money and time is to install a tank on your job site or at your facility. Your delivered fuels company’s dedicated Dispatcher can monitor those tanks offsite and dispatch exactly the right amount of fuel at the right time, every time. The benefits of a dedicated diesel tank don’t stop there. Project and fleet managers using diesel equipment can also recognize the value of onsite Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tanks. It’s one more task off your plate. Your delivered fuels company will show up and fill your tanks when necessary, meaning your productivity is never interrupted.

If you don’t have the job size for tanks, you can still enjoy the value of having your delivered fuels company stopping by and filling up individual pieces of equipment when necessary

2. Sourcing Your Jobsite Fuel 

As the manager or owner of a jobsite, most of your equipment, if not all, is diesel, and diesel equipment is notoriously picky about the quality of fuel you choose to use. The cost should never be your first consideration when choosing a diesel fuel provider – reliability, reputation, and quality should. Diesel engines will give you much more than they will take, but unless you choose clean, high-quality fuel, you may be looking at downtime due to mechanical issues. 

As someone who knows diesel engines, you probably already know they need a high cetane, low sulfur mixture. The cetane rating has an impact on how quickly your engine fires off - making your diesel work hard to start won’t help it down the line. The higher the cetane rating the better. Most diesel engines need at least a 45-55 cetane rating.

The number one problem with diesel fuel is water contamination. Did you know that even the smallest amount of water in your fuel can mean an engine overhaul? Scary, huh? The level of microscopic care needed to avoid this is of utmost importance. You need to find a diesel fuel source that you can trust to keep all storage, transfer, and equipment tanks in the absolute cleanest of states – and maintain it. Diesel engine issues or equipment that won’t start is expensive and leads to dreaded downtime.

Given the nature of diesel fuel, diesel additives such as Power Service® should be used to help increase the performance of your diesel engines and maximize fuel economy – helping your bottom line. Power Service® can also improve your diesel engine’s operation during extreme weather, reducing downtime due to fuel gelling, in addition to improving and maintaining tank hygiene by eliminating water, microbes, and contaminates. Not only are Diesel Additives such as Power Service® vital to the day-to-day performance of your diesel fleet, but they also help to get your equipment back into service quickly should you face contaminants or extreme cold. Your ideal diesel fuel provider should have the experience to help troubleshoot any issues and provide diesel additive packages to optimize your diesel engine performance and efficiency.     

Choosing the best fuel isn’t going to eliminate all your mechanical issues, but it goes a long way to keeping those diesels at peak performance. Finding a reliable source for your diesel fuel is vital but finding a reliable source that also has the expertise to recommend a diesel fuel additives maintenance schedule for your equipment and tanks is just as important when it comes to the performance of your diesel fleet.

3. Control Over Your Data and Your Fuel

In today’s day and age data is becoming more and more important. Not only are individuals more concerned with control over their data than ever before, but businesses are becoming increasingly more interested in the insights and trends waiting to be uncovered about their operations. Using data to find opportunities to improve your efficiency can give your company a competitive edge.

Your ideal fuel supplier should be able to recommend and install fuel management systems at your onsite diesel tank that collects information related to your fuel usage by employee or vehicle. Depending on the model, fuel management systems can be authorized by a user through a cell phone app and data is then uploaded real time to the cloud. This allows project managers and those in charge of fleets to access data not available through a traditional gas pump. You can then analyze trends in diesel usage and make informed decisions about your fleet of equipment at moment’s notice. Managers of heavy equipment fleets have started to use this data collected by their fuel management systems to implement a maintenance program for their fleet. By requiring operators to input equipment hours or mileage when they authorize the pump, Fleet managers can anticipate when equipment is likely to require attention and quickly swap out equipment to ensure downtime is minimized.

Fuel prices as of late have also increased the pressure for all of us at the pump. As difficult as it is to think about, this has created opportunities for employees and others to try and take advantage of the company’s fuel for personal use. While pad locks offer some protection, Project and fleet managers are increasingly finding cut locks and empty tanks when they show up for work in the morning. Site controllers offer an added layer of protection and control over the fuel in your onsite tank. To authorize the pump, employees must input a specific code or chip-card. Transaction limits can even be put in place to ensure only a certain number of gallons are dispended in a given period. These features help to mitigate the risk of fuel being pumped into the wrong hands, protecting your bottom line and peace of mind during a time of great uncertainty.  

4. No Impacts Due to Outside Events

Unfortunately, we’ve all been affected one way or another by supply chain interruptions. Our global economy is complicated and riddled with shortcomings - and it makes us all somewhat dependent on things outside of our control. Many industries are reliant on a steady source of fuel - who here hasn’t watched diesel and gas prices and availability change without a small bit of fear? Sometimes it’s not a war or a pandemic - it’s good old Mother Nature. How does one protect against these challenges?

One way is to have a strong relationship with a reliable and experienced fuel supply company who has seen it all. You cannot afford to have your workers waiting in a line that stretches around two blocks for fuel that may not even be there when they finally get to the pump. With a reliable fuel and supply company, you can count on getting your needed fuel delivered to you at your jobsite - saving time and money and increasing productivity.

Get Affordable Jobsite Fueling Today

At Bear Oil, we have been in the jobsite fuel delivery business long enough to know how we can best help you meet your job deadlines and come in on - or under - budget. Give us a call or reach out online to find out how we can work together to give your company the edge over the competition.

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