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5 Great Benefits of Bear Oil’s Fleetwide® Fuel Cards

Fleet managers of large or small, commercial or private fleets, are tasked with finding the most efficient and cost-effective ways to fuel their company vehicles. This can quickly become a challenge without the right tools and processes in place. There is a lot to track, record and report when managing your fleet fueling operations.

It is imperative that fleet managers have the most effective tools at their disposal. Let us help you take control of your fleet fueling costs.

Bear Oil Company and the Fleetwide® card Put’s YOU back in the driver’s seat!

Five Fleet Fuel Card Features You’ll Love

Extensive Fuel Site Access – Let’s face it, a card is only good if your driver can find a location that accepts it. You need a fuel card that your drivers can use wherever they are. A card that only gives you access to one regional brand, or even a major brand, limits you when it comes time to find fuel. That’s why Fleetwide’s® nationwide network gives you the access and flexibility you demand, with over 57,000 locations across the country.

And with the free CFN Fleetwide® site locator app, available for Apple and Android, your driver can find a location no matter where they are, 24/7.

Customer Support – With our fuel card you get all the advantages of nationwide access and the comfort and reliability of local support. That means when you have a question, you speak to someone at our office in San Antonio. We keep it simple and personal. Even your fuel cards are created in-house. That means you call or email us directly when you need something.

Security and Controls – Your fuel cards are individually customized to fit your needs. Whether it is time/day restrictions or gallon restrictions, we can set your cards up any way you want. And even though none of the current fuel cards on the market can offer you product restrictions, our card allows for exception reporting and e-receipts. That way, you are notified immediately when a card is being used to purchase a fuel that you have not permitted. It is one more advantage that puts control back in your hands. Lost card or terminated employee? You have immediate access to your fleet cards, 24/7. That means that you can shut off a card whenever and wherever the need arises.

Improved Fleet Fuel Management – In addition to immediate card access to check real-time activity and shut down cards, we offer Pipeline4Fuel access that allows you to manage your daily transactions, allowing you to keep up with your transactions and costs. Are you billing your contract drivers weekly? This feature will allow you to filter specific cards by specific dates so that you can determine costs per driver. Want to save time breaking down your fuel costs by department? Let Bear Oil Company do the work for you by billing you by department and summarizing your monthly statements by fuel type and card.

No Smoke and Mirrors – Bear Oil Company’s fleet card program is smart and simple. We offer you control, flexibility and simplicity. There are no statement fees or other hidden costs. We offer you a straightforward solution to better control your fleet fueling with easy to read statements, online access and unparalleled customer service. This system has everything you would expect from Bear Oil Company and more.

Our goal is to help you reduce your fueling costs and increase your overall productivity and control. We have a proven program that will compliment your business. Get in touch with us today so we can get you started. We look forward to working with you.


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