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5 Ways Your Business Could Benefit from A Fuel Monitoring System

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What if you had a deadline for a huge project and something set you back. Or you couldn’t show up for customers that depend on your service? Would you do everything in your control to prevent this from happening? And what impact would this have on your reputation and bottom line??

This scenario is unfortunately common for businesses that rely on diesel equipment. There are a lot of factors you can’t control, like the Texas weather. But there are some things you can control.  And if you don’t have a handle on those, you may end up suffering setback after setback.

One thing you can control is fuel availability.  And if you are in an industry that relies on diesel- equipment, you cannot afford downtime due to running out of fuel One way to prevent idle equipment and empty tanks is to install monitored on fuel tanks at your job site or truck yard. There are many benefits of having a ready supply of fuel on hand. Here are a few.

  1. Buying Fuel in Bulk for Cost Savings

Everyone knows you get a better price when you buy in bulk. Whether we are talking about diesel fuel or hamburger meat, the more you buy the lower the price. When you purchase bulk diesel to fill up your onsite tank, you receive a discounted price versus a gas station.

  1. Avoid Downtime and Running Out of Fuel

Downtime for any kind of business should be avoided at all costs. The best way to avoid downtime is always having the fuel you need when you need it. Whether you or your supplier monitors your tanks, you’ll increase your productivity by always having fuel in your tanks for your fleet. 

  1. Buy Fuel When it is Cheapest

As we mentioned before, fuel prices fluctuate. Politics, crude oil prices, supply and demand - you name it. A lot goes into why many things, including fuel, can cost one thing one day and be more expensive the next. That’s why, when you see fuel prices dropping, you could consider filling your storage tanks. Diesel has a shelf life of around a year, so you’ll thank yourself when your diesel storage tanks are full and prices start to soar.

  1. Reducing Your Fuel Delivery Cost

We have talked about buying in bulk and buying when prices are low, but there is another way diesel storage tanks can help you save money. As you know, fuel delivery costs money. And that’s on top of already high fuel prices. If your tanks are monitored, your fuel supplier can deliver at exactly the right time. Helping you get the most out of your delivery charge so you can enjoy the savings.

  1. Real-Time Data for Important Decisions

Using monitored diesel storage tanks has another important benefit. As a business owner or decision maker, you know the importance of data. Whether you are in charge of a large mining operation or you own a smaller construction company. Data from fuel storage tank monitoring gives you a valuable look at how you can better manage your fueling needs.

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What are the Applications for Monitored Fuel Storage Tanks?

There are many industries that can use monitored fuel tanks to increase their efficiency. As well as realize bottom line cost savings.

  • Agriculture: This is an application that uses heavy-duty diesel equipment that’s difficult to drive to the gas station. If your farming operation uses tractors, combines or any other equipment, you need a monitored fuel tank.
  • Fleets: Whether you have a fleet of 100 semi-trucks or only a few light duty pick-ups, a monitored fuel tank on site will help your business. Vehicles will always have fuel available, and drivers will enjoy the convenience of filling up at your site.
  • Mining: Like farming, mining uses large, bulky equipment that cannot traverse public roads. This could be drillers, earthmovers, crushing and conveying machines and more. Having on-site monitored fuel tanks is critical to optimized mining operations.
  • Oil & Gas: If you are searching the earth for its crude oil, you’ll be utilizing drilling and fracking equipment. Slowing down the process while you wait for a fuel delivery is out of the question for this fast-paced industry.
  • Construction: Excavators, booms, backhoes, and more diesel-powered equipment are used on a construction site. Adding a monitored fuel storage tank to the site just makes sense. 

We’ve pointed out the benefits to your operation of installing a monitored fuel tank. Let’s take a look at some of the systems out there.

Fuel Storage Tank Monitoring Systems

As with most things, there are many fuel storage tank monitoring systems. Some are better than others. At Bear Oil Company, since we’ve been in business for more than 80 years, we like to partner with companies that also have proven they are more than a fly-by-night company. That’s why we use Wesroc Monitoring Systems, a part of Anova. Anova builds software solutions to monitor tanks across 80 countries with more than 2,000 clients world-wide. We trust Anova’s solutions. Wesroc fuel tank monitoring software is simple to set up and use. Whether you are using newly installed monitoring equipment or already-installed. You have the choice to set up your system to send your data and information where you want it,.As well as setting up who receives notifications and alarms. It works on both iPhone and Android for on-the-go mobile monitoring. Or tank levels we can be viewed online through their website. 

Find Affordable Fuel Tank Delivery and Monitoring in Texas Today 

Now you know how utilizing delivered fuels and diesel fuel storage tanks can help you maximize your business. At Bear Oil Company, we’ve been partnering with companies who depend on diesel fuel for more than 80 years. With our monitoring software, you can use data to make important business decisions. And you avoid experiencing downtime and missed deadlines due to running out of fuel. Contact us today to find out how we can save you time and money.

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