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Monitor Your Tanks & Increase Efficiency

Monitor Your Tanks & Increase Efficiency

With considerable advancements seen in technology, businesses utilizing, fuel and lubricant tanks are moving towards better data to maximize efficiency and gain a competitive edge. Tank monitoring can improve full truckload deliveries, reduce costs with price-driven deliveries and with customer monitoring to deter theft or fraudulent use of contents.

Remote tank monitoring has improved the rate and accuracy at which we monitor tanks. With technology advancements it provides more reliable results.

Bear Oil Company has a solution through Centeron, an advanced tank monitoring system, which will be able to monitor tanks with ease and efficiency.

By utilizing a wide array of sensor technologies to wirelessly and remotely measure tank inventory levels for fuels, lubricants, and chemicals, Bear Oil Company can help collect the data and reports needed to better manage fill requirements and potential alert situations.

Bear Oil Company offers Centeron’s radar, float and pressure monitors. These monitors have features that make them easy to install, durable with a rugged enclosure, and a long lasting battery life to help give optimal performance. Along with many different solutions that provide “poll now” technology, better delivery scheduling, maximized fills and create efficient routes for drivers.

Advanced tank monitoring helps prioritize deliveries, optimize truck loading and reduce emergency fills. The state-of-the-art technology allows for data retrieval through an internet-based dashboard.

Contact Bear Oil Company to learn more about how we can help you take control over your tank monitoring.

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