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Cold Weather Alert for Diesel Fleets in Central & South Texas

Cold Weather Alert

Here are a few quick tips on combating the potential impacts cold weather has on your diesel fleet.

Treat Diesel Equipment Tanks

If you expect potentially freezing weather, consider treating your diesel engines with PowerService Diesel Fuel Supplement or another diesel fuel additive for winter. This will help prevent your diesel fuel from gelling and minimize any downtime for your fleet.

Test Your Fuel Storage Tank

Water is the enemy of fuel and could present a serious issue if it is in your above ground fuel tank. While diesel begins to gel at 32F, water freezes at 32F. This means pumps, fuel filters, and other pieces of equipment could become clogged by ice, making equipment inoperable. Consider treating your tanks with PowerService Clear Diesel to remove water and other contaminants. Your diesel supplier can also test your tank to see if water is present.

Create a Maintenance Plan

Colder weather is arriving and the outlook for winter suggests we may see more stretches of freezing temperatures. Now is the time to begin working with your trusted fuel supplier to put together a monthly maintenance plan to keep your equipment running and diesel tanks water free.

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