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South Texas Diesel Supply Shortage Update


How Will ‘Diesel Shortages’ Affect South Texas Diesel Fuel Buyers?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about a “Diesel Shortage” but what does that really mean? Below are a few quick details you should know along with tips for diesel buyers to make sure they have enough fuel to keep their equipment and fleets going.

Diesel inventory in the US is below normal levels as we approach higher demand through the Fall and Winter months. As of now, it appears the supply impact will be mostly isolated to the East Coast. Gulf Coast states could also experience issues as more diesel is shipped to the East Coast, but we anticipate any local supply issues will be manageable. The most likely impact for us in South Texas would be an increase in the diesel price.

Tips For Diesel Purchasers During The Current Diesel Shortage

  • Avoid Panic Buying: We anticipate fuel should remain available so avoid buying fuel when you aren’t certain it will fit at delivery. Keep an eye on your tank inventory and don’t let supply get too low, but only order fuel when you need it.
  • Ask about Remote Tank Monitoring: If available, your fuel supplier can install remote monitoring equipment on your fuel tank. This will allow your fuel supplier to watch fuel levels for you and deliver fuel to your tank at the right time. Ensuring a steady fuel supply without the worry of calling to find availability.
  • Understand your fuel supply company’s capabilities and plans: Work with an established fuel partner with experience and with options. Ask what they are doing to ensure their customer have supply and see how they have handled these situations in the past.
  • Consider emergency use fleet cards or small on-site storage tanks: This is especially important for on-site equipment fueling customers who do not have a way to store fuel. Where allowed, a small bulk tank can also be useful for filling up off-road equipment.

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