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Fleet Managers’ Top Fuel Savings Tips for 2020

Whether managing on-road or-off road equipment fleets, every fleet manager should be looking for the most effective way to reduce fuel costs. And while there’s no way for fleet managers to directly control the cost of the fuel market, there are likely techniques, actionable behaviors and even tools to help optimize every driver or equipment operator’s fuel efficiency. At Bear Oil Company, we are here to help reduce your fuel expenses with quality affordable delivered fuel and lubricants.

Tips On How You Can Help Reduce Fuel Consumption

Minimize powertrain and hydraulic usage when able

Operating equipment at high speed, or at or close to full output, will increase fuel demand. The faster your fleet drives or the harder your equipment works, the faster it will burn fuel, thereby increasing your fuel expenses. Make sure that drivers and operators are operating efficiently. For on-road fleets, timeliness is important. But instead of rushing on the road, try to plan your routes to accommodate a reasonable driving speed — preferably in the 65 mph range — and an economical use of your driving time. For off-road equipment operators, encourage minimum hydraulic usage that will be needed to accomplish the job. 

Air conditioning increases fuel usage by increasing demand on your equipment powertrain. This demand is worst of all when the AC is pumping while your engine idles – you stand to waste even more gas for absolutely no reason. We all love a comfortable working environment, but in the name of fuel savings, consider encouraging your fleet operators to turn off their vehicles’ engines, turn down the AC or do both when possible. There’s no need to have the engine running and AC pumping when carrying out and unloading deliveries on a relatively mild day. Small, idle moments can add up in the long run and cost you more in fuel, so be smart and shut your engine and AC off whenever possible.

Minimize equipment idle

Truck and equipment idling can really rack up the expenses and not only for increased fuel costs. Equipment wear and tear will lead to increased maintenance and repair expenses. It has been found that just one truck idling for just one hour a day for one year is comparable to having a truck running 27,000 miles on the road. So remember, it is important to minimize idle times with management control technologies and through company culture. If it’s not being used, turn it off. 

Always keep your equipment regularly maintained and serviced

You should be maintaining your fleet’s vehicles already, but the added fuel-cost benefits may be an extra incentive to take care of your fleet’s mechanical needs. A well maintained engine is usually one that is operating at its peak operational efficiency. This will lead to maximum fuel usage efficiency. Make sure you are utilizing quality fuel additives that can increase gas mileage up to 8%. Also be sure to keep all of your fleet’s tires well-inflated, because the higher the resistance of your tires against the road, the harder your fleet’s engines will have to work and the more gas they will burn. Additionally, it’s a good idea to make sure that your fleet’s engines get checked regularly, that their oil is changed with the proper type of oil and that spark plugs are changed out every 30,000 miles. A well-maintained engine doesn’t have to work as hard to run, and therefore will save you fleet fuel expenses. 

Along with vehicle maintenance, it is good practice to make sure you’re monitoring your on-site fuel tanks. Buying fuel on the go leaves your business’s gas expenses vulnerable to market gas prices. Consider constructing on-site fuel tanks at your location that are always full and at your disposal. One such service is offered at Bear Oil Company, where we can monitor the fuel levels of your on-site tanks, deliver the information to your fingertips in our mobile app and refill when appropriate. With our help, you’ll never have to rely on an unstable fuel market again and can order your fleet’s fuel in a consistent, regulated manner.

Another option to help you save time and money is the Bear Oil fleet card program. By utilizing Bear Oil’s CFN Fleetwide card program you have access to over 500 fueling sites in the Greater San Antonio area and over 57,000 sites nationwide.

By building these simple tips into your fleet’s driving and operating habits, you’re sure to experience a significant increase in fuel efficiency. At Bear Oil Company, we want to make sure that you get the most out of your fuel and that’s why we strive to offer a reliable fuel supply, state-of-the-art technology and innovative cost management services. Visit our website to learn more about how you can get the most out of your fuel tank.

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