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Three Reasons Why A Fleet Card Is Better Than A Gas Card

Three Reasons Why A Fleet Card Is Better Than A Gas Card

As a decision maker who deals with employees who require your money to do their job, you need to find ways to ensure that when your financial resources are in an employee’s hands, you maintain control over how those resources are used.

When you have drivers and other employees who need fuel, you have several choices. You can let the employees’ expense those costs out of their own pockets and then reimburse them later upon receipt. Or you can hand over a credit card or a fuel card and trust that employees won’t take advantage by spending your money on unapproved items. Another choice is to enroll your business in a trusted, reputable company that issues fleet cards.

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Tips To Reduce Diesel Fuel Related Engine Problems

Tips To Reduce Fuel Related

Let’s face it – a malfunctioning diesel engine is not only a waste of time, it can be expensive to repair and have impacts on your financial bottom line. When your diesel equipment breaks down, you lose valuable time on the job. And diesel repairs can be complicated and costly.

Diesel engines are not like other engines. For example, they require special care in intense weather conditions. Although diesel engines can last longer than gasoline engines, their fuel pumps are intricate and expensive. Engines that are powered by gasoline, which is detergent-like, need care more often since the gasoline washes away oil from engine components, but engines powered by the light oil in diesel continually lubricates important parts. Power Service diesel fuel additive can help.

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CFN Fee Assessment

Our fleet card partner, The Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) has been assessing remote transaction fees for each transaction conducted at locations other than those owned by Bear Oil Company.  The transaction fee supports fraud monitoring and protection, CFN network enhancements and your on-line access.  

In the past Bear Oil Company has absorbed these transaction fees, but now must pass along a portion of the fees, due to the increased costs associated with fraud protection and card controls.

Beginning May 1, 2020 we will pass along a 50 cent fee for each remote transaction. Those would include fuel card transactions that are processed anywhere other than Bear Oil in San Antonio and the Bear Oil site in Schertz, off FM 3009.

Should you have questions please contact your account manager.   

Thank you, we appreciate your business. 

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Compare More Than Price For Fleet Fueling and Industrial Lubricants

We know that when you are looking to purchase something, price is going to be a factor. But for most people, price is only one part of a much bigger picture. Let’s look at an analogy. You are planning to buy some new tires. For most people, there could be a lot riding on those tires, including your own safety and others in the vehicle. Another thing to consider is how many miles you will get before they need replacing. You most likely will consider several factors besides price when deciding what type of tires you want and who to purchase them from.

When you make decisions for your business, you probably utilize the same amount of care and research. Looking at the cost is important. When you look at Return on Investment (ROI), however, there are many factors that enter into your consideration. At Bear Oil, we’re proud to say that as far as cost is concerned, we are extremely competitive. But, in addition to being competitive on cost, we offer much more that we think puts us into a superior category to be your “partner on the road.”

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Fleet Managers’ Top Fuel Savings Tips for 2020

Whether managing on-road or-off road equipment fleets, every fleet manager should be looking for the most effective way to reduce fuel costs. And while there’s no way for fleet managers to directly control the cost of the fuel market, there are likely techniques, actionable behaviors and even tools to help optimize every driver or equipment operator’s fuel efficiency. At Bear Oil Company, we are here to help reduce your fuel expenses with quality affordable delivered fuel and lubricants.

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Eliminating Confusion when Selecting the Right Lubricant

The function of a lubricant is pretty simple when you think about it.  It’s mostly about reducing the friction between moving parts and surfaces, but lubrication also plays a myriad of other roles, including reducing the wear and tear of equipment, increasing viscosity, protecting against corrosion, reducing contamination by moving foreign particles, and distributing heat. 

Whether you are managing a fleet or servicing machinery in the field, the need for proper lubrication on all of your equipment is crucial to maximize efficiency and limit downtime. This becomes challenging, given the wide array of lubricants available and the number of truck and equipment models. It is imperative to match the proper lubricant with each manufacturer’s specifications.

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5 Great Benefits of Bear Oil’s Fleetwide® Fuel Cards

Fleet managers of large or small, commercial or private fleets, are tasked with finding the most efficient and cost-effective ways to fuel their company vehicles. This can quickly become a challenge without the right tools and processes in place. There is a lot to track, record and report when managing your fleet fueling operations.

It is imperative that fleet managers have the most effective tools at their disposal. Let us help you take control of your fleet fueling costs.

Bear Oil Company and the Fleetwide® card Put’s YOU back in the driver’s seat!

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Best Practices For Winterizing Your Fleet

The next freeze is just around the corner, and with that comes many challenges. If you are a homeowner, you may find yourself wrapping pipes to keep them from freezing or adding a winterizing fertilizer to your lawn to protect it from freezing temperatures and to help ensure that your yard comes back lush and green in the Spring. 

Likewise, your fleet needs winterization. The harmful effects of freezing temperatures and harsher weather brought on during the winter months on your vehicle and equipment’s fuel systems can stop you dead in your tracks and halt productivity, so it is essential to optimize your fuel management and winterize your fleet with fuel additives.


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Are On-Site Fueling Service Worth It?


Fuel costs are an unfortunate necessity of doing business for most businesses today. Fleet managers are well aware that fuel expenses can account for some of the biggest expenses in the budget. The pressure is always on to reduce expenses and find fuel costs savings that will add profit to the company’s bottom line. That’s where on-site fueling service comes into play!

The financial cost of fuel, the time it takes to fill tanks, and resources used to fill up company vehicles and equipment are often bettered leveraged through convenient, on-site fueling services.

Fleet Managers are tasked with answering a tough question. Is on-site fueling service worth it for my company? There are many variables to take into consideration. Deciding on whether to invest in on-site fueling can be dependent on company size, current company fueling needs, projected fueling needs, current company equipment and infrastructure just to name a few.

On-site fueling and service is an investment. Cost of equipment, tank installation, along with continued ongoing maintenance and monitoring needs to be accounted for when deciding if and when to invest. The return on the investment will be actualized with a reduction in fuel costs. The savings can be significant if done correctly.

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2 Online Fleet Fuel Account Management Systems That Help Your Business Get The Most For Your Money

2 Online Fleet Fuel Account Management Systems That Help Your Business Get The Most For Your Money

Online account management of your company’s fuel purchases allows you to optimize fuel usage, increase accountability and maximize cost savings for your business. Online account management puts you in the driver’s seat with the ability to track fuel purchases at your finger tips.

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