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Are On-Site Fueling Service Worth It?


Fuel costs are an unfortunate necessity of doing business for most businesses today. Fleet managers are well aware that fuel expenses can account for some of the biggest expenses in the budget. The pressure is always on to reduce expenses and find fuel costs savings that will add profit to the company’s bottom line. That’s where on-site fueling service comes into play!

The financial cost of fuel, the time it takes to fill tanks, and resources used to fill up company vehicles and equipment are often bettered leveraged through convenient, on-site fueling services.

Fleet Managers are tasked with answering a tough question. Is on-site fueling service worth it for my company? There are many variables to take into consideration. Deciding on whether to invest in on-site fueling can be dependent on company size, current company fueling needs, projected fueling needs, current company equipment and infrastructure just to name a few.

On-site fueling and service is an investment. Cost of equipment, tank installation, along with continued ongoing maintenance and monitoring needs to be accounted for when deciding if and when to invest. The return on the investment will be actualized with a reduction in fuel costs. The savings can be significant if done correctly.

Don’t Miss Out! Take An On-site Fuel Services Survey
Would you like help doing costs savings analysis, to see if your company would benefit from Bear Oil Company’s on-site fueling services? Talk to one of our industry experts and contact us today!

On-site Fueling Benefits

Fuel Expense Stability: Businesses’ that have invested in on-site fueling service enjoy working with a fueling vendor, who are positioned to get better deals on fuels and lubricants. At Bear Oil Company, we will always work to get our customers the best possible prices and have reliable price forecasting.

Increased Preparedness: Savings on fuel expenses with on-site fueling service isn’t the only benefit. Fleet managers and company’s using on-site fueling are better able to control fuel inventory and are better able operate during market fuel shortages, emergency situations and even natural disasters.

Reduced Vehicle Mileage: Operations using on-site fueling are able to fuel their fleets at the beginning and end of the shift, bypassing the need for drivers to travel farther off route just to refuel. Less wear and tear means reduce fleet service, maintenance costs and driver labor.

Reduced Fraudulent Spending: On-site fuel services almost eliminates unauthorized purchases by drivers and also ensures vehicles and equipment are fueled with the proper fuel products for maximum productivity. And for when drivers do need to fuel up off-site on long runs, ask about Bear Oil Company’s fleet cards services for that added increased security, fuel savings, accounting, reporting and tracking benefits.

Still Not Sure If On-Site Fueling is Worth It?
Every business is different which is why a site-survey and cost analysis should be completed to weight the pros and cons for your company.

Here at Bear Oil Company, our #1 goal is to help you maximize your productivity while reducing your fuel expense. Contact our fuel distribution and petroleum product experts today and see how we can help you save!

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